Saturday, 17 September 2011

Its been a while

Its been a while since I posted here, I've been very busy and I will share the thing that has been most dominant on my mind.

I am really not enjoying sixth form this year, I am finding the new AS subjects I picked up difficult and I don't think I am suited to them now. I am in my second year so I am thinking about picking up my subjects from last year and getting a full A level qualification in them and then applying to join the Army as a soldier. I am able to go in higher up with 2 A level qualifications equivalent to 180 UCAS points.

I have always had a career in the army in the back of my mind but I wanted to see if I could do other things first which I don't think I can now after trying and seeing how hard things are, I don't think I am suited to them so it looks like the Army for me. I am coming 19 and although my parents wouldn't be happy at me joining the army, I need to do what I need to do.


  1. Best of luck in the army, if you do decide to go.

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